If you have desided to come and visit our hotel you won`t be sorry! We help you with holiday organization! Take part in a competition with the pinguins Paulli, Tilli and their friends and make friends with these nice and curious animals. A piece of advice for those who desided to visit our water-world: bring the diving glasses to explore everuthing under the water.

You are able to watch the keepers feed the animals or ask any information daily from 11.00 – 15.30. more than that, there are Roman baths in " Spreewelten " where you can really relax. There are swimming pools with artificial waves, waterways for the most hot-tempered people. There is a swimming pool for children with warmed up water till 34° and a real playground on water in " Spreewelten".

In our hotel "Zum Goldenen Stern" there is a possibility to get all the tickets with 20 % discount!

Spreewald Therme

There is Spreewald Therme which is not far from the hotel. It is famous for its hydrotherapy sauna treatment, salt baths out of natural springs and salt inhalations. This is a place where you can meet the combination of modern architecture and village houses which are often met in the rural areas of Spreewald. Salt baths with the salt concentration up to 24% and temperature 31 Degrees from the deep-water springs of Spreewald can be met here.

The bath and sole-inhalation in big barrels offer you such peculiarities as the Spreewald wooden baths in the form of Kahn (barge).