Event room

The perfect place to celebrate everything in order to leave best emotions for ever!

Whatever activity you plan to spend here in Spreewald, from Party to Konference, our big hall in Hotel “Zum goldenen Stern” in Unterspreewald offers you a great possibility to have the special atmosphere, also in a family circle! We organize all the types of activities for you: Partys, Birthdays, Weddings, Conference, New Year`s Eve, Last Bell Party, Holidays – everything what you would like to celebrate!

Our Service-Team offers you a great choice of food and drinks for your relax! We also offer you Russian cuisine. The variety of our dishes fits perfectly for any Party! Our hall of 160m² offers you a lot of place for about 150 guests. That hall will charm with its cozy atmosphere the several persons or groups of people too. We are at your service with a DJ, in order to create the festive atmosphere for you!

There is no difficulty for us to organize every event for you, whether it`s a private party, big Fest or a conference! We do our best to leave all the best emotions for you! In order to change an activity you are offered to play billiard, darts. Our polite Serviceteam will serve you with drinks and dishes to any taste!

Any holiday spent in our hotel “Zum goldenen Stern” in Unterspreewald will leave unforgettable emotions for all the guests!

Bicycle rental

The Gurkenradweg with its 260 km long path is known as the best bike route of Spreewald. It is situated not far from the hotel, so that the guests of our hotel can have a journey right from the hotel doors down Spreewald! Grab a chance to observe the romantic paths of Spreewald and take a day-long or half-day-long journey down the beautiful villages of this place!

We have created a list of best paths to bike according to the length of the route and your wishes to discover it in a more intensive way or just for fun!

Route 1: Burg Dorf → Burg Kolonie → Naundorf → Raddusch → Slawenburg Raddusch (length: 14 km)

Route 2: Burg Dorf → Burg Kolonie → Leipe → Lehde → zurück über Burg Kauper (length: 30 km)

Route 3: Burg Dorf → Dissen → Striesow → Briesen → Guhrow → Werben → Burg Dorf (length: 30 km)

We wish you nice trips! Travel and enjoy yourselves taking our Spreewald tours! For all guests of our hotel we offer a great choice of bike models: sport bikes for men and women, women bikes with low frame, Mountainbikes and children-bikes.

Hire rate of bycicles: Half Day = 5 Euro per bike, 1 day = 8 Euro per bike, 1 week = 25 Euro per bike

We wish you nice trips!

Travel and enjoy yourselves taking our Spreewald tours!

Tropical Islands

Only for about 15 km from our hotel in Leibisch/Unterspreewald there is one of the biggest water parks in Europe, where you can explore huge halls and big Indoor Waterhall.

Are you looking for a comfortable and unexpensive hotel near the “Tropical Islands”? Then you have made a right choice!

“Tropical Islands” is only 15 km from our hotel “Zum goldenen Stern”. Who wants to get an unexpensive stay over, perfect catering service then you are welcome to our hotel “Zum goldenen Stern” in Leibsch/Unterspreewald.

We offer you single- and double-room, also 3- and 4-bedrooms.

It takes you only 15 min to get to this magnificent und charming place! There are parking places nearby, which are free of charge! The comfortable and cozy rooms are well-equipped with WC, shower room, colour TV. The breakfast is possible right in the buffet of our hotel!

There are also Snack- and Drinkautomaten and WiFi in our Hotel “Zum goldenen Stern”. There are possibilities for a lot of activities in our hotel too. You can see the list in our Internet Site. You can also have online booking of one of the rooms! Or just contact us and we answer all your questions! We are at your service any time!

Enjoy the piece of Tropical Life here in our hotel “Zum goldenen Stern” in Leibsch/Unterspreewald!

Therme and swimming pool with penguins


If you have desided to come and visit our hotel you won`t be sorry! We help you with holiday organization! Take part in a competition with the pinguins Paulli, Tilli and their friends and make friends with these nice and curious animals. A piece of advice for those who desided to visit our water-world: bring the diving glasses to explore everuthing under the water.

You are able to watch the keepers feed the animals or ask any information daily from 11.00 – 15.30. More than that, there are Roman baths in ” Spreewelten ” where you can really relax. There are swimming pools with artificial waves, waterways for the most hot-tempered people. There is a swimming pool for children with warmed up water till 34° and a real playground on water in ” Spreewelten”.

In our hotel “Zum Goldenen Stern” there is a possibility to get all the tickets with 20 % discount!

Spreewald Therme

There is Spreewald Therme which is not far from the hotel. It is famous for its hydrotherapy sauna treatment, salt baths out of natural springs and salt inhalations. This is a place where you can meet the combination of modern architecture and village houses which are often met in the rural areas of Spreewald. Salt baths with the salt concentration up to 24% and temperature 31 Degrees from the deep-water springs of Spreewald can be met here.

The bath and sole-inhalation in big barrels offer you such peculiarities as the Spreewald wooden baths in the form of Kahn (barge).


The Spree River offers you a large amount of fish species for fishing-goers! You can fish a pike, a zander, a carp, an eel, a bleak, and if you have good luck even a huge sheatfish or a burbot. For fishing you will need an active Fishing Certificate in a certain basin or a Fishing Licence in a basin for the certain period of time.

Such Licence you can get in the shop Everything for Fishing which is situated near our hotel. Разрешение на рыбалку в водоеме на определенный срок. Fishing is officially permitted since the age of 8 years. Fishers should have ID with them or a foreign passport and Fishing Certificate. Fishing in the Spree – a fisher`s paradise!

Boat rental

Travelling to Spreewald – is always an interesting journey. There is a piece of the past, which remains in this area – a place, where people live on islands and move along the streets-canals only with the help of big flat boats without engine which bear a strong resemblance to Venetian gondola. Nobody in a hurry here. And nobody is late.

Plunge into a magnificent atmosphere of beautiful and romantic landscapes of Spreewaldchannels with the help of our paddelboats or canoe and enjoy the charming nature of quietness and relax! We invite you to travel across the Spree waters and the canals, across the wonderful water labirint which is near 500 km long! You can make up your own route with the help of our river maps!. Whatever route you choose we`ll promise you to get best emotions for your life!

Horse rides

Do you like to spend more time in nature? Is it a holiday when you are going out to ride a horse? Then you are welcome to our hotel situated in a picturesque place in Spreewald! We offer you unforgettable riding trips near our hotel in Leibsch in Unterspreewald.

Absolutely romantic views down Spree river are opened to your attention! Share with us with your wishes and we`ll help you to organize any event from Wedding to Birthday party – our Service-Team of Hotel “Zum goldenen Stern” will do thei best to make you feel at home!